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The Beverly Heritage Hotel is now Sonesta Silicon Valley, and after a major renovation, the new owners have redesigned the on-site restaurant. Gone is the hotel restaurant that kept the restaurant on the Montague expressway in Milpitas alive for a long time.

The dinky restaurant has old photos of Mykonos scattered all over it and there are round tables. Handwritten signs around the soy - a Taiwanese classic - give the Bento store a mommy-and-pop feel. In Darda, calligraphy surrounds a painting of Mecca, but there is no round table, only a small table with two chairs and a table for two.

The Paomo, a cross between noodle soup and stew, is filled with a clear, aromatic broth, with steamed bread and crisp bamboo shoots that cut through the richness. The rugged surface of the chicken provides a delightful crunch and corners for spice powder, and the utensils are a perfect complement to fried noodles, rice noodles and chicken.

In the bathroom, there are even toothbrushes to keep your breath fresh, and those who shop can also get free garlic knots with their own pizza order. However, this upscale Chinese hotpot chain also offers a variety of other options, including a full-service sushi bar and private dining room.

Wagyu pies with bacon marmalade from Fort Point's smoked manzanita brews are already popular with guests, but the spice - grated grilled ribeye ($34) - is on the menu, with a cotija patata topping. Tequila Yuzu Chicken [$23] is dished up with cashew mole and served on an avocado rice tortilla. Order tacos on homemade tortillas or order tacos with avocado, coriander, avocado sauce and salsa verde for $10.

At this time they do not offer a full menu, but there are new hours, and there is currently a minimum order of $5 per person per day and $10 minimum order per meal. Orders are cancelled under the numbers 408 - 493 - 6383 and the current pick-up times are on weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm.

The food, like all the others, is always well prepared, and I tried the rice aria of cashmere, a sauce with dried spices, while the server smiled at me as I tried to cope with the enormous portion alone.

For dinner, ask for fresh, live seafood, which could lead to steamed fish with sweetened soy sauce or ginger - fried crab. The menu includes a variety of options such as prawns, crabs, tuna, salmon, prawns and crab cakes, as well as a selection of fresh vegetables.

Must - try the Malaysian satay, or pineapple fried rice, which comes with hollowed out pineapple. These are just some of the dishes you will find all on the menu, but dishes you will get include shrimp, crab, tuna, salmon, crab cake, macaroni and cheese, shrimp, chicken, pork and pork ribs as well as a variety of salads.

If you're looking for the best biryani in town, visit Hyderabad's Dum Biryani, where you'll find some of the best in the world. The super gyro, Greek fries and feta are on my must-try list, along with the baklava. Get authentic and traditional Indian cuisine from Annapoorna with a fantastic meal in Authentic Indian Cuisine for yourself and your loved ones.

The extensive menu offers a wide variety of dishes, from traditional dishes such as biryani, baklava, kabobs and bhaji to more modern dishes. The most popular dishes are traditional Islamic or Chinese dishes such as aromatic cumin lamb with spices exchanged on the Silk Road. The spicy-sour noodles, which balance the rich meat flavour with tart vinegar and vegetable cubes, provide a delicious watering experience. From pickled vegetables to freshly fried sesame balls, to soothing herbal desserts and soups, they offer everything you can eat.

The menu includes a batata and you can get everything from biryani, baklava, kabobs and bhaji to a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on the menu.

Appetizers include elote (grilled corn) and a whimsically clad poke called canned tuna ($14), served with crispy wontons and tortilla chips. Signature cocktails include a strong sangria made from Fonseca port and the cocktail of the day, the Pico de Gallo.

Rawasf is a vegetable superfood bar serving a wide range of fresh, organic and organic dishes from around the world. The chefs prepare the dishes according to unique recipes and high quality ingredients that combine their original flavor. Typical restaurant specialties include a vegan burger ($14), a vegetarian burger, a gluten-free burger and a meatless burger.

What you will appreciate is the way in which the meals are presented, which are meant to delight your eyes and whet your appetite. You will like the reasonable prices of meals in this house while enjoying the original taste and authentic taste.

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More About Milpitas